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World War 1 Aircraft

Before the First World War flying had just caught the imagination of the public, yet within a short space of just a few years, all of the major nations were developing aircraft.

War is a great accelerator of inventions and their exploitation, if peace had generally prevailed within the first half of the twentieth century as it had done for most of the nineteenth, the innovations of the Wright Brothers and Bleriot would no doubt of been much slower to mature.

World War I Fly-In

At the outset of World War One, the very nature of war itself was rapidly undergoing a transformation, with new techniques in artillery, military tactics and the armament of aircraft. Consequently, this was the first war that involved a struggle for control of the air. Alongside the battlefields of land and sea, this developed into fighting a war in new and uncharted territory…Air Warfare.



In this compelling 90 min documentary, the fascinating advances in technology and innovations of the Fighting Aircraft of WW1 are captured, highlighting the aircraft , their strategic use; and many of the brave military personnel deployed to fly them.

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