Warren Mitchell, best known as the bald-headed bigot Alf Garnett on race, religion, the monarchy and why we should be out of Europe.

Warren Mitchell died aged 89 in 2015. In a one man show recorded before his death, his on screen character ‘Alf Garnett’ gives his views on Europe

Alf Garnett first hit our TV screens in 1966 in the first series of Till Death us do Part and became a comedy legend. The show ran for almost 10 years before being taken off in 1975. The show, written by Johnny Speight, highlighted the pressures felt by the white working class in Britain. Alf hated everything around him..the labour Party, his scouser long haired son in law, scroungers, foreigners, women that were getting above themselves, communists…all were targets for Garnett’s bigotry.

Most people understood, that this masterful comedy was written by Speight, to highlight everything that was wrong with the British Nation in one man. But much to the despair of both Johnny and Warren, a few diehard racists never understood it.  Warren, a keen Tottenham fan, once recalled that a fan had approached him at a match and congratulated him on his character having a ‘go’ at immigrants…..to which he replied…’actually we’re having a go at idiots like you’.

You can see Alf in his one man show live on stage, in our 70 minute film, ‘The Thoughts of Chairman Alf’

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