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The Thoughts of Chairman Alf

Warren Mitchell appears in ‘The Thoughts of Chairman Alf’. Recorded live, we reconstructed this famous stage show that later became one of the most popular series on TV.

Mitchell stars as Alf Garnett, the UK’s most reactionary, mean-spirited, selfish, bigoted, racist, misogynistic, and anti-Semitic man.

Alf Garnett was a fictional character on the BBC television sitcom Till Death Us Do Part, the ITV sitcom Till Death… and later ‘In Sickness and in Health’.

First shown in the theatre in 1976, ‘The Thoughts of Chairman Alf’ written by Johnny Speight, won the Evening Standard award for best comedy in London’s West End and subsequently toured the UK and Australia.

‘The cockneys fire their big guns in all directions … and the shrapnel keeps falling on all kinds of public figures’ – The News of the World
‘The rampaging, howling embodiment of all the most vulgar and odious prejudices that slop about in the bilges of the national mind’- The Financial Times
‘Enormously, gloriously outrageously and continuously funny’ – The Sun
‘One of the best comic talents of our day … Johnny Speight has raised the domestic wrangle to white hot heat’ – The Financial Times

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