Understanding the Rules of Golf

Understanding the Rules of Golf

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Coming Soon, The Rules of Golf Player.

Select the situation, find out the rule and view the decision

Understanding the Rules of Golf, with more than 150 examples, filmed at some of the world’s finest courses , with a clear definition of the rule that applies in each case; and the penalty involved should the rule be broken.

Narrated by Peter Alliss, the ‘Voice of Golf’ in the UK and the USA.

When we decided that it would be a good idea to create a visual guide to understanding the intricate rules, we had no idea just how complex this game was. It was then that we went to Peter Alliss, known as the ‘Voice of Golf’ and one of the game’s leading authorities, to ask for his assistance. The end result was a series of films, that follow and explain the rules and definitions to a tee. All explained by Peter in his relaxed and easy to follow manner.

We have also created over five hours of video guides, on definitions of the rules.  You will find over 150 of the rules clearly explained and shown, along with the penalties that may be incurred if breached.

Each Film Tip or Rule is up to 3 minutes in duration

A list of the benefits of using this video guide

  • The rules and definitions clearly defined
  • How to avoid penalty strokes
  • Proficient golfers will find decisions on the most complicated of situations
  • Over 150 examples of situations which can arise during a round of golf
  • Correct Bunker procedure
  • Advice and tips on putting
  • Procedure in all hazard situations
  • How to resolve complicated and simple Rules problems
  • Clear answers to practical problems which can arise during a round of golf
  • Professional tuition tips to all levels of golfers
  • Easy to find sections and references of golfing excellence
  • How to enjoy your game more
Screen Ratio 16 x 9
Audio Stereo
Picture Colour
Format SD
Director Robert Garofalo
Subject The Rules of Golf
Year of Production 2009
  • If you are a proficient golfer, this in-depth collection will take your game to new levels.
  • If you are a beginner, you will discover from the experts, everything you need to know about golf and how to resolve complicated and simple rule problems.
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