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The History of Aviation

This Film traces the origins and beginning of flight and the greatest and most significant milestones in aviation, from the very first attempts by the Wright brothers to the very latest supersonic aircraft designed and built.

Presented by Hollywood actor Richard Todd, The History of Flight looks back at an amazing century of inspirational people, daring moments and ground breaking aircraft that helped make the world a lot smaller.

  • The Early Years Of Flight
  • Pioneers Of Flight
  • Crossing the Atlantic
  • The Birth Of Air Warfare
  • New Designs For Bombers
  • World War Two
  • The Atomic Bomb
  • The Jet Age
  • The Night Hawk
  • The Fighter Pilot
  • Air Wars At Sea
  • Aircraft Carriers
  • Transport Aircraft
  • Vertical Take Off And Landing
  • Commercial Air Travel
  • Modern Air Travel

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