The Golden Age of Football

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Running Time 60 minutes
Screen Ratio 4 x 3
Audio Stereo
Picture Colour / B&W
Format Standard Definition
Director Stanley Joseph
Narrator Roy Ward
Year of Production 2005

The Golden Age of Football

Take a trip back to the golden age of Football. A time when the game of soccer was a sport played by gentlemen and watched by crowds of 70,000 plus, rattle-happy fans.

See the great names on which the British national game was built, great men such as James Lawton, Dixie Dean and Lofthouse.

Relive the great Cup Finals and the showcase internationals and recall the tragedies of Ibrox and Munich.

From Arsenal in the 1930’s to United in the European Cup Final in 1968 at Wembley, where just two years earlier, Geoff Hurst’s hat-trick had brought the World Cup home to the nation who had given the world its finest game.

You think it’s all over?  It’s only just begun…

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