Season One – Six One Hour Episodes

Investigating many of the mysteries surrounding the Knights Templar

The origins of the Order of the Knights Templar are shrouded in mystery. There have been many theories from Historians; along with numerous spurious claims from sensationalists, but with very little hard evidence. It would appear that the secrets of the Knights Templar went with them to their graves.

The Quest is a 12 part series of one hour programmes, in which we attempt to try and unravel the web of intrigue; and find out what the Knights Templar knew and discovered.

It has taken us on a journey which begins many thousands of years ago. A journey which not only sets the foundations for the Order of the Knights Templar, but also the corner stone for Christianity and the origins of Freemasonry.

With the aid of 21st Century technology and contributions from eminent archeologists, anthropologists and historians, the Quest , now in its third year of production, looks at new evidence as each episode in this lavish series brings new questions and attempts to unearth the answers which have lay concealed for centuries.

Our starting point for this fascinating journey was a¬†subterranean cave in the heart of the hertfordshire town of Royston; and one man’s (Barry Walker) theory that the carvings in the cave, thought to have been carved out by the Knights Templar, represented a map. A map that connected many of the ancient neolithic sites in Britain, the Temple Mount in Israel and a number of other important Templar connections throughout Europe.

This theory was based on the work of the 18th century antiquarian and archeologist, William Stukeley. Stukeley, an eminent Freemason, was best known for his pioneering investigative work on the ancient sites of Stonehenge and Avebury.

Stukeley also investigated Royston Cave when it was first discovered by accident in 1742; and subsequently his findings were published as ‘Palaeographia Britannica, Antiquities in Britain no.II, Origines Roystonianae’.

As part of the research into this series, we discovered that there may be a second previously unknown cave close to the first. We subsequently commissioned our own geophysical examination of the area surrounding the cave


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