The true story behind the controversial aerial bombing campaign that not only brought the German War machine to it’s knees, but also destroyed it’s cities, killed hundreds of thousands of civilians; and broke the morale of the nation. This dramatic six-part series, with the assistance of many veterans from both sides, uncovers the truth and reveals the true picture.

Single Episodes

The Means of Victory (1941)

In 1941, the Butt Report revealed the extent of bombing inaccuracy (Churchill recognised “this is a very serious paper and seems to require urgent attention”)

New Beginnings (1942)

In 1942, the main workhorse aircraft of the later part of the war came into service. The Halifax and the Lancaster.

Reaping the Whirlwind (1944)

Sir Arthur ‘Bomber’ Harris predicted that the ‘Nazis have sowed the wind and now they would reap the whirlwind’

The Road to Victory (1945)

The peak of Bomber Command operations occurred in the raids of March 1945, when its squadrons dropped the greatest weight of bombs for any month in the war

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