A series of one hour films, portraying cities that were subjected to mass air raids during the Second World War. Including London, Coventry, Hamburg, Dresden, Koln & Berlin

Single Episodes

When episodes are uploaded in this series, they will be available in the above player. All Episodes are currently being uploaded. There are 8 one hour episodes in this series.

The Blitz on London

It was Hitler’s belief that the war from the air would terrorise London into defeat. He was wrong

The Blitz on Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Nazi Germany, was subject to 363 air raids during the Second World War

The Blitz on Dresden

The bombing of Dresden in February 1945 has remained one of the more controversial aspects of World War Two

The Blitz on Cologne

The ‘1000 Bomber’ raid on Cologne had shown that mass bombing was inaccurate

The Blitz on Hamburg

the bombing of Hamburg was the first time that Goebbels thought Nazi Germany might have to call for peace.

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