Great Battles of WWII

Great Battles of WWII


Three of the greatest battles of the Second World War, Kursk, Crete & Midway

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The Battle of Kursk, the greatest tank battle in history, when in 1943 almost 6,000 Soviet and German tanks and 2,000,000 men clashed near the Russian town of Kursk.



The Battle of Crete, the invasion of Crete by almost 20,000 of Germany’s elite parachute troops, fighting hand to hand against the British, was one of Germany’s most successful battles of the war.



The Battle of Midway, a ferocious battle fought between the Japanese and United States Carrier Fleets that proved to be one of the most decisive victories for America in the war in the Pacific.


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Robert Garofalo



Running Time

120 Mins

Screen Ratio

4 x 3


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