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Bomber Command


6 One Hour Episodes. 2 DISC SET

This six part series follows the story of the RAF’s Bomber Command’ from the years leading up to the Second World War, followed by the outbreak of war and through to the final days and the mass destruction of the German Cities.

Led by the controversial Arthur ‘Bomber’ Harris…this is the story of Bomber Command, told by the men and women, that were there.



Colditz reveals the ingenuity, the incredible perseverance, the unforgettable humour and the outstanding resilience of those extraordinary prisoners of war.  “An unrivalled account of escapes during WWII, from Germany’s top security prison camp known to the British as the ‘The Bad Boys Camp’.

Lest We Forget


Donald Pleasence presents this tribute to the men and women of the Royal Air Force who lost their lives during the Second World War. It features the work of the bomber crews, rescue and reconnaissance crews, planning and operations departments, non-ranks, NCOs and Officers.

The War in the Jungle


In the Second World War in Europe and Africa, vast arrays of tanks, aircraft and artillery supported the infantryman. Little of this was available in Malaya or Burma, which is best understood as a foot soldier’s war.

Most members of the British and Indian army left Burma with the belief that in the jungle the Japanese were unstoppable. The first action to start to dispel this myth of invincibility would come from the actions of the Chindits.The Chindits were a special force of 3,000 which in February 1942 launched a deep penetration raid, (code-named Operation Longcloth) into Japanese occupied Burma.

Women who went to War


Everything that happened on the Home Front happened at least equally to women; women were involved in almost EVERY aspect of the war.