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Great Battleships


A documentary taking a look at some of the greatest battleships from the second world war.

Operation Valkyrie


The German general’s plot against Hitler. The July 20 plot of 1944 was a failed attempt to assassinate German dictator Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany, and for the resistance group to take power by means of a plan called Operation Walküre,

Sniper !


A fascinating documentary on the use of Snipers during World War Two,

Target For Tonight


A graphic documentary series with moving personal accounts from both sides on the strategy adopted by both the Allied and Axis Forces. When cities and civilians became the target in the Second World War. This includes the destruction of Berlin, Hamburg, Koln, London, Coventry, Plymouth, Manchester, Dresden, Hiroshima and Nuremberg.

The Aircraft Carrier


This film looks at the development of the aircraft carrier, from WWI through to WWII

The Apache Attack Helicopter


RELEASE DATE  (this product will be available on) 30th July 2018

The Spirit of the Warrior.

The Apache (Boeing AH 64) is capable of classifying and prioritizing up to 128 targets in less than 60 seconds.

The Battle of France


The Battle of France, also known as the Fall of France, was the German invasion of France and the Low Countries during the Second World War. Beginning on 10 May 1940, German forces defeated Allied forces in a series of mobile operations, eventually leading to the conquest of France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, bringing land operations on the Western Front to an end until 1944.

The SAS in Action


This film is presented by Soldier I, best selling author who took part in the Iranian Embassy hostage rescue. Known to his colleagues in the regiment as “Snapper”, he tells both of his own eighteen years of service and gives an authorative account of many other SAS operations. Some of these actions have never been disclosed on film before.