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20th Century Distasters


Disasters can strike at anytime and anywhere. When a major disaster strikes, the dramatic pictures and reports we read about in the newspapers and hear on the television horrify us. This film takes a look at some of the most famous disasters throughout the last century that have shocked the world.

Apollo 11


‘The Eagle Has Landed’

The story of the race for the Moon.  Narrated by ”Doctor Who’  Tom Baker

Apollo 13


This is the spellbinding account of the Apollo 13 mission, told by the astronauts and with live on-board cameras recording the suspense of this real-life thrilling drama as it unfurled, on both Apollo 13 and at Mission Control.

The Hindenburg Disaster


With the assistance of NASA experts, this compelling documentary follows the course of the Hindenburg’s last flight and unravels the mystery of one of the greatest disasters this century.

The History of the Royal Family


The history of the British Royal Family of Windsors. From the death of Queen Victoria to the death of Princess Diana.

Presented and narrated by Brian Blessed.

The Iranian Embassy Siege


On the 30th April, 1980, the curtains went up on the opening act of a six-day drama, which was broadcast live on national television across the world. When terrorists holding Iraqi passports, seized the Iranian Embassy in Prince’s Gate, London, taking 26 people including four British citizens, hostage, so began the drama of the IRANIAN EMBASSY SIEGE which resulted in the final act of the legendary SAS storming the building.

The Quest – Saints or Sinners


Episode Two includes Royston Cave, The Centre of the Earth, the Knights Templar, Saints or Sinners. The Quest team investigate the cave at Royston, using ground penetrating radar.

The Quest – The Greatest Knight of All


Episode Four includes Roger De Mowbray, St Mary’s Church Guildford, Waverley Abbey, St Martha’s and Saint Catherine’s Chapel, Temple Church, Byland Abbey,  Newburgh Priory, The Foss Way…the Austin Canons.  Temple Balsall Manor & Warwick Castle.

The Quest – The Journey Begins


Following in the footsteps of the Knights Templar, The Quest – Episode One – The Journey Begins,

The story of the Knights Templar, the mysterious warrior monks that for two centuries, fought a ferocious ‘Holy War’ on Islam.

The Quest – The Spirit of Place


In this third episode of The Quest, the team look at many of the findings referenced in the Royston Cave carvings discovered in the earlier episodes, and this leads the Quest team to the medieval towns of Warwick and Guildford.  Several curious links to the Knights Templar in these towns are investigated