The Quest

Episode One

The Quest – Episode One – The Journey Begins

Episode One, The formation of the Templars, Jerusalem, the Crusades, the Warren Tunnels, Chartres, the bloodline of Christ,the Shroud of Turin, The Templecombe Head, Denny Abbey. The Gough Map and the Cottered Painting. Barry Walker discusses his knowledge and how he came to study the Knights Templar
Episodes Three

The Quest – Episode Three – The Spirit of Place

In this third episode of The Quest, the team look at many of the findings referenced in the Royston Cave carvings discovered in the earlier episodes, and this leads the Quest team to the medieval towns of Warwick and Guildford. Several curious links to the Knights Templar in these towns are also investigated
Episode FOUR

The Quest – Episode Four – The Greatest Knight of All

Episode Four includes Roger De Mowbray, St Mary's, Church Guildford, Waverley Abbey, St Marthas and Saint Catherines Chapel, Temple Church, Byland Abbey, Newburgh Priory, The Foss Way, the Austin Canons, Temple Balsall Manor and Warwick Castle.