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Gary Alliss is one of the most well-known faces in British golf, known for his role as both a professional golfer, coach and golf speaker Alliss has gained global acclaim as the PGA King of Swing and for his reputable coaching college the Alliss Golf Academy.

Son to Peter Allis, Gary was always destined for a career in golf, turning pro in 1973. He gained PGA Master Professional status for his 17,000 word thesis in conjunction with Warwick University on awkward lies and how to cope with them and became the first PGA member to be awarded Master Professional via this route.

Coaching philosophy: “Keep it simple. My method is anti-method – I teach people not systems and it works because I use words golfers actually understand.”

Peter has worked at numerous prestigious golfing clubs including Ladbrook Park and Trevose Golf Club where he was named Director of Golf. Alliss is a passionate teacher and has helped lead numerous boys and young men into stardom and to European and International selection.

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