The day I met Neil Armstrong

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Running Time 30 minutes
Screen Ratio 16 x 9
Audio Stereo
Picture Colour
Format SD
Director Robert Garofalo
Subject Neil Armstrong
Year of Production 1996
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Having worked with NASA on a number of occasions; we have been privileged to go behind the scenes and witness the back room workings of the pioneers of space travel. However on one of my visits, I met and interviewed one of the most famous men of the last century. Neil Armstrong, the first human to have ever stepped foot on the moon.

Discussing  the technology involved in the 1960\’s space programme. He casually remarked that the processor in his cellphone was more powerful than the computer used in the lunar module. He commented that computers were unreliable compared to electronics; and that astronauts could repair malfunctioning electronics, they were unable to repair faulty computer chips or processors. He also likened the technology behind launching a Space Rocket,  to putting a firework in a bottle, lighting the touch-paper and watching it shoot into the sky. You had little control over either , once they were hurtling towards the stars. You just sat there and hung on.

Sadly Neil Armstrong died on August 25, 2012

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