Joe Pasquale plays icon Frank Spencer in new Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em revival

COMEDY classic Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em looks set to return to our screens with Joe Pasquale playing the iconic Frank Spencer.

The comedian, who is currently on the Some Mothers… stage tour, has also bagged the rights to the series.

“I am in talks to get the show back on TV and working closely with the original writer Raymond Allen,” the actor exclusively tells Day & Night, who joined a star-studded audience at the show’s press night at London’s Richmond Theatre.

“For two years I’ve been working closely with Ray to get this script where it is.”

Encouraged by the response of TV execs, Joe admits that stepping into the shoes of Michael Crawford, 76, who played the hapless Frank in the original 1970s series, happened by chance: “I was doing Spamalot in the West End, playing King Arthur, and I was boiling hot and sweating,” he says.

My fan wasn’t working so I rewired it and plugged it in and it blew up. The directors on the show, Guy and Chris Luscombe, both said at the same time,’You are like a real-life Frank Spencer! Have you ever thought about playing Frank?’

“They then contacted Raymond and asked him if we could get the rights and he said, ‘It all depends on who you have got to play Frank’.

When they told him they were considering me he replied, ‘Well, he is the only person who can!'”

..The Daily Express, Fri Apr 6th 2018

We recorded a live show with Joe on his “Everything I have Ever Done Tour’

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