In Search of The Great Beast

‘In Search of the Great Beast 666’ evokes the chilling life and journey of Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), one of the most controversial and mysterious characters of the 20th Century and known to the press as ‘The Wickedest Man in the World’.

Voiced by acting legend Joss Ackland (Watership Down, Lethal Weapon 2, White Mischief & The Hunt For The Red October), this vivid portrayal unearths the barely believable and shocking facts surrounding this infamous Occultist, Spy, Poet, Dark Magician, Hedonist, Writer and accomplished Mountaineer.  Was he related to US President George Bush? How was he connected to Scientology, NASA, Jack the Ripper, Winston Churchill, and Ian Fleming (creator of James Bond)? How did this man come to know so many remarkable people and why did he become the subject of fascination for generations of world-class musical icons?

Through dramatically reconstructed period scenes, this biographical film explores the boundaries of a man who is not only said to have inspired the free-love movement but, through his literature, is notorious for replacing the Ten Commandments with just one “do what you want, is the whole of the law”.