Jairzinho shows youngsters how to play the ‘Brazilian Way’

GOL! –A superb, new instructional series presented by Simon Clifford, founder of the Brazilian Football Academy. Clifford delivers a step-by-step guide to the unique secrets and skills of Brazilian Football.

Having trained Wayne Rooney as a youngster and been on call to provide stars such as Kiera Knightly with the skills necessary to convince movie audiences of her skill, Simon is well placed to teach other would be soccer stars how to play.

GOL! offers you the chance to hone your soccer skills by practicing an easy to follow coaching guide. Included with the coaching guide is The GOL Workout presented by soccer star and soccer entertainer Mr. Woo.

GOL! will also help you gain dexterity, awareness of your feet, confidence and total ball control. GOL could help YOU become the next professional soccer star.

Simon Clifford is the founder of the Brazilian Football Academy and Brazilian Soccer Schools. He was a consultant to the film “Bend It Like Beckham” and over 150,000 youth in England, Australia and the U.S. now use his training program. This training program is changing English soccer and Michael Owen and other famous players have trained with Clifford. The program is based on the training methods used in Brazil, and the Brazilians are thought of as having the best footwork, creativity and ball control in the world. Clifford is an excellent, charismatic teacher. In 2002, a U-14 team from his Chapeltown school beat the U-14 Scottish National Team. Clifford argues that the emphasis in youth soccer should be on skill development and fun– we agree.

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