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Concorde – The End of an Era

When Concorde took to the air for the first time in March 1969,  The WWII Spitfire was a little over 30 years old and hadn’t been used in service for nearly 15 years. When Concorde was retired from service in 2003 it was 34 years old.  Whilst this fact perhaps doesn’t mean much now. When we were making our film on Concorde in 2000, even after more than 30 years in service, it was still considered to be the number one premium brand in any airline; and the world’s only supersonic airliner.

This iconic chapter in history came to a close in March 2003 and the book was closed on supersonic travel for those that could afford it. Maybe this was one case of a step backwards for technology. How bizarre that we can tell our children, that you could once fly from London to New York in three hours. And yet now ten years later, in a world where everything has to be done at breakneck speed,  the most modern and high tech passenger aircraft at best, take around eight hours for the same journey. I guess that’s progress.

Concorde the film, covers the entire history of this iconic aircraft, from the drawing board, through to the maiden voyage. Its highs and lows during it’s illustrious service, culminating on the final flight.

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