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The Blitx on Cologne

The Blitz on Cologne,

Operation Millenium, the bombing of Cologne, heralded the start of the RAF’s 1,000 bomber raids on German cities.

In 1943, many in Hitler’s Germany still believed that they were going to be victorious in the war – primarily because of the propaganda they were fed and the punishment handed out to those labelled ‘defeatist’.

The ‘1000 Bomber’ raid on Cologne had shown that mass bombing was inaccurate and not totally fruitful in terms of strategic gains. However, Harris, supported at this time by Winston Churchill, still believed that a devastating attack on a symbolic target would push the Nazis into seeking a peace deal. Cologne, Dortmund and Dusseldorf had all been bombed. The most obvious other target of any symbolic importance to the Germans was Hamburg.

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