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Colditz reveals the ingenuity, the incredible perseverance, the unforgettable humour and the outstanding resilience of those extraordinary prisoners of war. Including, The Colditz Glider, The Concealed Radio Room, The French Tunnel, The Red Fox, The Theatre Escape, The Colditz Ghosts plus many more previously undisclosed secrets. “An unrivalled account of escapes during WWII, from Germany’s top security prison camp known to the British as the ‘The Bad Boys Camp’.

Most people are familiar with WW2 are aware of the Great Escape. The fate of those who that did escape & were recaptured was to be incarcerated in a supposedly “inescapable” Sonderlager – special camp – known as Colditz.

This film is told by the intrepid escapees & other recalcitrants, who were also housed at Colditz, were undeterred by its impenetrable reputation. Their ingenuity is displayed in the many hair raising exploits including one that never actually eventuated due to the war’s “premature” conclusion. And that was the glider.

By using fellow inmates to describe on location how the escapes actually occurred makes the written version pale into insignificance.

It brings to the fore that not only was incredible daring & an ineluctable spirit required but split second timing based upon copious & patient observation of the minutiae of every aspect of their environment. This included such aspects as the building’s construction & the precise timings of the German guard’s routine. Many of the dramatis personae who are unbelievably still alive, albeit extremely old, add to the documentary’s interest.

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