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Both Feet in the Army

Richard Wilson – Star of “One Foot In the Grave” and “Merlin’ – recalls his days of National Service and takes a light hearted look at this taste of the Army, experienced by so many young men after the Second World War.

“Both feet in the Army” illustrates, the laughs and lunacies of post war National service, through excerpts from sitcoms such as “Get Some In” and from films such as “Carry On Sergeant” and “Privates Progress” to name just a few.

In the UK, during the peak years of the 1950’s, over a quarter of a million youngsters were serving at home or abroad in any one year – and for the millions who spent two years of their youth in the Army, Navy or Air Force in peace time, the experience was unforgettable. We hope we have managed to capture those years for you.

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