The Sepecat Jaguar

The Sepecat Jaguar

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Two decades after it’s first flight in 1968, The Anglo-French Sepecat Jaguar saw ‘It’s Finest Hour’ when the allies went to war in the Gulf. This one time supersonic trainer proved invaluable time and time again as one of the world’s most potent strike attack aircraft. The pilots recorded more than 1,000 sorties, many at terrain-hugging height, over Kuwait and Iraq as the conflict unfolded.


Our documentary made with the assistance of the Royal Air Force, tells the story of the Jaguar’s history, from development to conflict.

The motto of the Jaguar pilots featured in this film is Audax Omnia Perpeti (“Boldness Endures Anything“).

Running Time 55 minutes
Screen Ratio 4 x 3
Audio Stereo
Picture Colour
Format Standard Definition
Director Robert Garofalo
Narrator Roy Ward
Year of Production Updated 2013

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