40 & Fit 4 Life

Bernie Nolan, shot to fame in the late 70’s as lead singer of the international smash hit makers The Nolan’s.

Do more for your body, mind and health than you ever imagined possible with the LIFESTYLE & FITNESS Programme

It’s the perfect top-to-toe workout with an amazing feel good factor and will inspire the viewer to have fun whilst achieving their fitness potential.

As humans we are meant to be active, to exercise our muscles, heart and lungs, to move about and use up energy. Although we are generally ‘busy’ our increasingly sedentary lifestyles and changes in modern day diet can have a long-term effect on our health and well being.

By taking up a regular activity programme you can expect to see the benefits in no time at all. As muscles, heart and lungs work harder than normal and we soon find many of life’s problems easier to cope with.

Whether you have been exercising for years or have been thinking about it for just as long, if you want to lose weight, improve your fitness, change your shape or simply feel healthier – BERNIE NOLAN 40 & FIT FOR LIFE IS THE PERFECT AID TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS 

For many, nutrition is one of the most confusing parts of a fitness programme. Just figuring out what to eat and when to eat it can be as difficult as actually doing it. This programme will make your life simple with easy to follow diets.

Presented by Bernie Nolan, this programme promotes the joy, benefits (both physical and emotional), and the discipline with a wide range of exercises to suit all ages and abilities.

Bernie  is coached through this programme by Health & Lifestyle experts Sean and Helen O’Reilly. Helen was better known as ‘Panther’ from the Gladiators TV Show.

Downloads  INCLUDE


  • 12 Week Lifestyle Programme

  • Full Exercise Programme

  • Diet & Nutrition Programme

  • A Quick Fix for a Busy Day

  • Busy Day – Exercise At Home

  • Menus to Enjoy

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