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4th September

This Film captures the some of the most iconic and memorable moments from the 20th Century including;

  • The Birth Of The United Nations
    Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose
    Ghandi Assassinated
    Prince Charles Holds Court
    A Country Mourns
    Mount Everest Conquered
    The Four Minute Mile Conquered
    Marilyn Monroe Comes To Britain
    Elvis Enlisted Into The Army
    First Man In Space
    President Kennedy Assassinated
    War In Vietnam
    Martin Luther King Murdered
    Robert Kennedy Shot Dead
    The Eagle Has Landed
    The Munich Olympics
    Victory In The Falklands
    The Royal Wedding
    Live Aid
  • Grand Hotel Bombed by IRA in Brighton
    Britain Hit By Hurricane
    Hungerford Massacre
    Zeebrugge Disaster
    The Iranian Embassy Siege
    Pam-Am Flight 103
    The Disaster At Hillsborough
    No Democracy For China
    Berlin Wall And Communism Crumbles
    The End Of The Thatcher Era
    The Aftermath Of The Gulf War
    Siege Ended In Gun Battle At Waco
    Nelson Mandela Becomes President
    Jury Find OJ Simpson Not Guilty
    Massacre At Dunblane
    The Death Of A Princess
  • The Boer War
    Queen Victoria\’s Funeral
    The Wright Brother\’s First Flight
    The Great War
    Sinking Of The Lusitania
    The “Suffragette” Derby
    The Titanic Hits An Iceberg
    Bleriot Crosses The Channel
    London Welcomes Amy Johnson
    Bluebird Breaks Land Speed Record
    Lindbergh Baby Kidnapped
    Hitler Becomes The Reich Chancellor
    The Death Of Rudyard Kipling
    The Maiden Voyage Of The Queen Mary
    The Berlin Olympics
    Crystal Palace In Flames
    The Abdication Of Edward VIII
    The Demise Of The Hindenburg
    Peace In Our Time
    Pearl Harbour
    Victory In Europe
Running Time 90 minutes
Screen Ratio 16 x 9
Audio Stereo
Picture Colour / BW
Format SD
Director Robert Garofalo
Narrator Richard Astbury
Year of Production 2001

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